Monday, October 23, 2017

Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop Coming!

I'm sorry I'm running late again with the post for the week. I was busy with the Halloween decorating and still haven't finished. I've also been trying to revise a short story for an anthology submission that's due on Halloween night and have another that I have yet to start that needs to be done for a party I'm attending this week! So I'm going to keep this post short.

Although most of my Halloween outings won't fall on October 31st, I'm trying to avoid having to submit the story for the anthology on that night. Part of the reason is that I will be staying in to participate in the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop!

For the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop I will be giving away one of my books instead of candy! Talk about eye-candy! Consider it candy you can read which, as much as I love confections--especially chocolate--I'll take books over candy anytime if given a choice.

A black bird perches on a branch while holding an eyeball in its beak.

I will post a link to my book on my Facebook page the day of the event. In the meantime, visit author Patricia Lynne's website for more details in participating in the Trick-or-Treat  Book Blog Hop!

That's it for now. Until next time . . .

Banner for Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop.

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