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Looking At the Very Near Future of 2018: Writing Resolutions

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Well, as you may have noticed, 2018 isn’t getting a good start here at the Far Out Fantastic Site since I missed posting last week. So I apologise for that. It was a busy weekend, and some of us celebrate the holidays as long as six days into the new year and since this isn’t a religious blog I won’t go into details with the exception of a few clues: Magic, Magi and Three Kings. Put them together or do a Google search on all three, which is, by the way, a number that has traditionally been believed by many societies to be magic.

Last blog post we looked back at the previous year of 2017. This post let’s look into the very near future of 2018 of a not very well-known author’s life. To be specific, let’s look at this author’s planned resolutions of the new year.

My Very Near, Planned Future of 2018

1. Do more live events to promote my books. As I said last post, one of my greatest accomplishments of 2017 was doing my first live event to promote my books. Because that was so successful, I’m going to try promoting at more conventions.

2. Submit a short story to at least three (that magic number again!) publications. For the last five years or so I have been focusing on self-publishing more than anything and so had only been considering publications for submission. But in order to broaden your chances of making your work known to a wider audience, an author should take as many routes possible. So I’m going to give an ample amount of time throughout the year to research the markets and submit to at least three of them.

3. (Aaaand that magic number again!) Resume the publishing process of my second short fiction collection. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve worked on my second book of short fiction, that I had entitled The Hidden. When I last spoke of it , I said I would take a “slight hiatus”, though it’s been a little longer than slight. I had also said that I would publish some of the stories for that collection individually and so each as its own book. I only did that with one so far, which was “Circa SixtyYears Dead” Because I’ve seen how well publishing a single short work as such works, I’m planning to return to self-publishing the second collection. So, how well did publishing the above mentioned single short story work? Well enough to move on to publishing it in the upcoming collection.

4. Write another novella. As I also said last time, writing a full draft of a novella was a great accomplishment for 2017 because it was the first time I completed a draft in that format. So this year’s goal will be to write a second novella in full first draft format and begin the revision process.

5. Give A Far Out Fantastic Site a new look. It’s been more than two years since I changed the appearance of the blog, so it’s due for new appearance. You’re probably sick of seeing an image of several heads floating in a vortex. An image that’s repeated across the screen 10-plus times!

6. Advocate more overtly for Freehand Illustration. You may have noticed by now, if you’ve been reading my blog for at least the last year, that I’ve discussed a lot of the benefits of freehand book illustration, especially for covers, in this age of computer art (a.k.a. digital art). I think 2018 will be the year that I start carrying out more strategy to promote other freehand illustrators’ work so the world will see the aesthetic value in art made by the active technicques of human beings rather than the methods of machines.

Everybody's Very Near Future of 2018?

Well, that’s looking at my future life of 2018. Now whether it’s to be fulfilled or not is a different story. But now what about the future of all of us for 2018? Well, I was reading an interesting article concerning that. Anticipation of 2018 was actually attempted by intellects in 1968. And, as the article discusses, while much of that anticipation missed the mark, some of it came pretty close. Give it a read. You may be surprised. It’s in the online version (and probably the hard copy one as well) of The New Yorker and is called The 1968 Book That Tried to Predict the World of 2018”

Along similar lines, a documentary, made not too long after the book that the above mentioned article discusses, is the 1972 documentary Future Shock. And even though the predictions of this documentary, which was based on the 1970 book of the same name, are not precise they also come eerily close. It’s really well-made, partly because it’s narrated by the great Orson Welles. So I suggest you check it out as well, which you can do for free on YouTube.

So what are your plans, predictions and/or resolutions for the immediate future of 2018?

Until next time . . .  

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