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4 Online Sci Fi and Fantasy Conventions for a Shelter-In-Place

A profile view of a germ warfare mask with an atomic explosion reflected in the eye lens.

I know, it’s the third Saturday of the month and that we are supposed to have our Book-To-Movie this evening. It was supposed to be a review of “The Invisible Man” and its movie adaptations, including the new one that released at the end of last month. However, I wanted to refresh myself on the 1930s original and had to request my nearest library to order it on loan. But when it came I wasn’t able to pick it up because the library closed to take precaution against the Coronavirus. So I’m postponing the Book-To-Movie until the library re-opens which is impossible to say when that will be. I may, however, do a Book-To-Movie for another book in the next week or two, so keep tuning in here.

Well, a book and movie review isn’t the only thing that’s being cancelled due to today’s version of the black plague. Because so many cities, ones here in the Sacramento region included, are going on shelter-in-place, sci fi and fantasy conventions are getting cancelled everywhere. However, if you were planning on going to an upcoming con, no need to feel too bad. Some have not been totally cancelled but postponed to later dates which are to be determined. But if you can’t wait that long to attend a convention and are getting bored to death in the confines of your home and town, there’s a few upcoming online ones.

A biohazard symbol.

I attended one today via Facebook called QuaranCon. And although an online con is in no way a substitute for the actual thing, it may just be the next best thing until things go back to normal in which when that will be is anybody’s guess. QuaranCon, based here in Sacramento but of course could be attended from anywhere there’s an internet connection, consisted of livestreamed video panels and a cosplay contest. There were some good artist talks and demos and even a fan fic game. Even though I’m not a fan of fan fiction, it was fun voting on our favourite stories (more like scenarios since there was only 30 minutes to play the game) told by the panel host, punk poet AndYes.

If you happened to miss QuaranCon then you can always watch the video recordings of the panels. For a list of links to them, visit the Sacramento Geeks’ Facebook page. There’s some panels that I didn’t get to see that’s footage I would like to check out myself. But here are four online sci fi and fantasy conventions that are coming up in the next few weeks that you can bookmark for your weekend online “outing”:

Write Your Book Today Virtual Conference, March 26 - 28: This isn’t particularly speculative fiction writing but, since this is primarily a literary blog, I thought I would include it here for all my fellow writers and aspiring writers.

On-Con 2020, Mar. 27 – 29: It’s an anime con but the panel on group worldbuilding should be of particular interest to us writers.

Writer’s Digest University 3rd Annual Science Fiction & Fantasy Online Writing Conference, April 1 – 2: With a name like this, especially with “Writer’s Digest” in it, you know it has to consists mostly of writing workshops and speculative fiction ones at that!

DemiCon 31, date TBD: This is normally Des Moines Illinois’s annual live science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention. It was supposed to occur May 1 – 3 but because of the Coronavirus they are looking into moving it to online. Keep checking the con’s site for updates.

If you know of any more online sci fi and fantasy conventions that are occurring in the next few months, please list them in the box below!

Until next time . . .

A 1955 drawing of a bomb shelter adjunct to a freeway overpass.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ U.S. National Archives


  1. That's quite a few online. Cheaper for fans as we won't be tempted to buy a ton of geek stuff. (Which my wife and I always do.)

    1. Yeah, it will definitely be cheaper for me in that sense, too! Not all of these online cons are free, but some are and because you don't have to travel it can save you money in that way, too.

  2. This just in, another online pop culture con coming in April: CovidCon 2020


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