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The Blogger was Out and Under for 2 Weeks

A cartoon alien with an antenna in the middle of his head and wearing glasses.
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I apologise for missing posting the last two weeks but yours truly was out and under during that time. That is as in under the weather and not necessarily unconscious, although he was that a few times too. I was in the hospital for nearly two weeks and wasn’t discharged until a week ago this past Friday. 

It was the first of the month when I had went into the hospital. It was near or just after the witching hour when I went to the kitchen to get some ice peach tea. After taking two sips I became really nauseated so I walked to my bedroom to lie down. Before I could make it to the bed I collapsed onto a bag of books on the floor. I called 9-1-1. Sometime between then and when I got home almost two weeks later, I learned that Frankenstein’s Monster partly saved me from my fall. The Doritos/Pepsi cardboard cut-out ad of Universal’s classic monster is still leaning, partly bent, in the corner of my room where I fell. I think I can smooth it back into its original form; the damage doesn’t look too bad. 

At the time I fell, however, I wasn’t the least worried about what I damaged in my room. I just wanted to be treated. And so I was, or at least partly. I’ll have to go back for surgery at a later date. However, it’s only for a benign tumor they found in me which can be removed easily enough. I’m very thankful that’s all it is. 

So for nearly two weeks I was out sick in the hospital and didn’t feel like doing anything for several days. Believe it or not, I didn’t even feel up to writing. It was maybe about the second week when I was able to do some journaling in a spiral note booklet. As far as reading goes, my parents were kind enough to bring me my vintage copy of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation”, so I started reading that. When you have a sudden fall like I did and need to call 9-1-1, you don’t even think about taking luxuries or extras with you; you just want to get to the hospital and get treated. 

Fiction Projects

I just resumed revising “The Watch Party” yesterday, one of the stories that will be included in my upcoming book of short fiction about strange and evil apps. Just before I had went into the hospital, I finished a rewrite of “The Simulator”, the other short story that will be included in the collection. Originally, I had been simply revising it. Then it turned out that the story had to go in a different direction in order to develop better and come to a more satisfying ending and so it ended up as a rewrite. 


I resumed drawing the logo for my upcoming newsletter, “Night Creatures’ Call”, a couple of days ago. I’m on the final sketch. After I draw that out I’ll ink it in, paint it and then scan it to insert into the front page of the newsletter. The content for the newsletter is already set, I may just make a few updates because of all that time that went by since I had worked on it last. I’m going to try to get the newsletter out by the end of the upcoming week. Check my Facebook page for updates. If you haven’t signed up to receive the newsletter, you can do it here

Patreon Page

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to post all the benefits for March by the end of the month on my Patreon page. If not, I’ll issue refunds to those who have purchased memberships.

I’m slowly but surely getting back into the writing routine and so you will see more blog posts in the next couple of weeks. However, I may need to take a little more time off after that when I go in for surgery, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything posted here for a week or two in April sometime. During that time, I’ll try to keep you updated on my Facebook page. Next blog post is the Book-To-Movie for the month!  

Have you ever been so ill that you could not write or read? Did you do anything to compensate for it?

Until next time . . . 


  1. Wow, really sorry. Glad the tumor is benign. What an ordeal though.


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