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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Three concaved, pyramids stand in an alien desert with a starry background.
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Doalex

I apologize for Amazon not yet putting The Fool’s Illusion at its reduced price that I talked about in the special FI anniversary post earlier this week. If you missed that one, go check it out to read more about that fantastic deal in celebration of FI’s 2nd year anniversary. Amazon seems to take long with its price changes, something that we indie authors have no control over since we only price our books through them (besides publishing through their self-publishing services) and don’t display the price in the online store itself. Again, I will update you here (at the Fantastic Site ) once I find out the reduced price is displayed and therefore when the book is actually selling at that price. Because it’s hard to say when that will be, I can’t tell you at this point when I will post notice of that. So you don’t miss out on this limited offer, subscribe to the blog in the form below on the right-hand side or follow it by email.

It’s not only FI’s  anniversary but also an aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary that the family celebrated today. I just got back and so because it’s already late I’ll have to keep this post short. I apologise. It’s been so busy of a day that I didn’t even get around to continue revising my short story that I’m currently working on. I’m in the middle of working the character development into the story which is a hell of a lot harder than it first seems. I’m trying to show the protagonist’s motivation while trying not to tell it so much or simply show it in his thoughts, but to show it through his actions and interaction with the other characters.

This story is particularly harder than most of my other ones because it takes place on an alien planet that’s geographical elements are different than Earth’s and so it’s because of this is why the crew in the story get marooned there. I’m not a scientist as much as I love reading about science. So I have the deeper research I have to do when it comes to science fiction like the one I’m now writing.
Next time (in our regular weekend post) I might talk about my publishing plans for my new short fiction collection, The Hidden

How much scientific accuracy do you expect when you read or watch science fiction? Let me know in the box below.

Until next time . . .

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