Sunday, October 6, 2013

Live Poe Events This Halloween!

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I told you I would have a review of the new Sleepy Hollow TV series but I only have a rough draft at this time. I wasn’t able to write it until late this evening and I’ve been going to bed too late on Saturday nights/early Sunday mornings which often interferes with my waking hours during the week when I have to be up much earlier. I’ll have the review for you (revised and edited) either Monday or Tuesday of the coming week. However, I’ll leave you with a few updates and reminders for now.

To start, if you’re in the Sacramento area, celebrate the boo-l-tide carol this Halloween season with several Poe-related events going on all month. This series of events, all at the Sacramento Central Library, started Wednesday with the Sacramento Public Library’s kick-off of their book, The Slender Poe, a selection of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories and poems. Yours truly attended the first half of this reading which started with a locally made film adaptation of “Ligeia” which was a top winner of last month’s Sacramento International Film Festival’s Poe short film awards and rightfully so! I didn’t see all the movies of the of the film fest’s Poe night, but of what I did see this one was the best. It’s a modern day telling of the story with elements of film noir.
You can purchase it on a DVD that contains the rest of the short films from the Poe night. To find out how, visit Capital Film Arts Alliance’swebsite

Sunday the 6th October will be a discussion and reading of “The Raven” at 2 p.m. Friday the 18th October at 6 p.m. is the “Haunted Stacks” which consists of an after-hours tour of the library and a screening of a classic Poe film adaptation on a big screen. Next Sunday the 20th October, 2 p.m., is a discussion about Poe’s influence on the detective, mystery and crime genres of fiction.  The 29th October at 6:30 p.m. is the “One Book Poe Finale”, which consists of selected readings by local Sacramento area poets accompanied to the music of Poe’s 19th century era. For more details on these events, visit the Sacramento PublicLibrary’s web page .

Again, you can purchase my new book of short fiction, The Fool’s Illusion, at Amazon on Kindle and in print. Normally the print version costs $9.95, but Amazon is selling it for $8.96 as of the writing of this post. This offer may not last long so you may want to purchase now. The electronic version is only 99 cents, a great deal that may also not last long.

Until next time and take scare . . .  

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