Thursday, October 24, 2013

“The Fool’s Illusion” Trick-Or-Treat Giveaway

Vintage Halloween tambourine
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Test your knowledge of Halloween horror by taking the following quiz to win a big treat! Please lay (post) your answers in the box (comments space) below, accordingly (questions are multiple choice and write-in). Please answer using this format: number to question (example, question number one would be written something like “1)” or “1.”) and your answer following; for multiple choice questions please list the corresponding letter to your answer (example, multiple choice answer B is written as “B”; you do not need to write out the full answer); for write-ins, your answer does not have to be in full sentence(s) but it must be written reasonably clear.

You do not need to provide your full or real name, but please do not post as "Anonymous" since it may cause problems in identifying the winner. Deadline to post is midnight, 31 October 2013, Pacific Standard Time. “Midnight” means that once the clock strikes 12 it is early Halloween morning by Gregorian calendar standards.

If a tie occurs: an extra quiz question(s) will be given and the tie-ing participant who answers most correctly first within a new time frame (to be determined) wins.

For reasons of budgetary constraints on shipping and handling of the prize, participants must either reside or have a residential address in the continental U.S. Family/relatives of contest sponsor (yours truly) are disqualified from participating due to potential favouritism issues. Must be 18 years or older to participate.

Procedure for Selecting a Winner

The person who answers the most questions most correctly by the deadline wins two copies of The Fool’sIllusion short story collection. One copy will be electronic format (Kindle) and the other print. The winner will be announced by 11:59 PM, Saturday 2 November 2013 (Day of the Dead) PST here at the Far Out Fantastic Site. When announced, winner will be given seven (7) days to respond and provide his/her email address and postal mailing address at the email contact he/she will be provided with. Winner's email and postal mailing addresses will be used for purpose of delivering the prize only (to be delivered either by U.S. Postal Service or UPS); they will not be shared with anybody (except if required by law), including any third party sites. Winner may opt for only the electronic format of the prize if he/she desires not to provide a postal mailing address. If the winner does not respond within the time frame stated above or it is discovered that the winner did not play by the above mentioned rules and/or conditions, an alternative winner will be selected and the prize will go to the alternative winner instead.

May the best ghoul win.
Take scare!


1)     Describe two characteristics of the Headless Horseman that differ in Fox’s Sleepy Hollow series from the original 19th century Washington Irving novel (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). Please be specific.

2)     In Tim Burton’s 1999 movie, Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane  was played by:

A)   Robert England

B)    Antonio Banderas

C)    Johnny Depp

D)   Michael Keaton


3)     What was the name of the hotel in both Stephen King’s novel and its movie adaptation, The Shining?

4)     Who played the female monster in Universal’s Bride of Frankenstein?

5)     What 1970s blaxploitation film involved an African prince bitten and turned into a vampire by Dracula?

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