Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kim Stanley Robinson to Speak at Sacramento Library

Planet Earth
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As global warming continues to rise like the very oceans it causes to, today's science fiction reflects the issue more than ever. It attempts to anticipate what could happen if we don't reduce global warming and its causes. One of the authors who are most known for doing this is Kim Stanley Robinson. Best known for his award-winning Mars Trilogy of novels, his latest work that directly addresses the global warming issue is Green Earth which is a trilogy of earlier novels combined into one.

I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Robinson speak at UC Davis's Whole Earth Festival back in 2013 when he read from his novel, Shaman. I spoke about it in an article in my "Life, the Earth and the Universe" post back then. He is giving another presentation, this time on his Green Earth, Sunday the 10th of April from noon to 1 at the Sacramento Central Library, in Sacramento California. If you're in the area and plan to attend, you must register at the library's website, something I didn't find out until just earlier today (Saturday). So I'm registered and will be there next week. If you attend and see me, feel free to say hi! (Unlike in my profile photo, I'll have a beard.)

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