Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Book Cover Illustration for 'Circa' So Far

Book Cover Art for My Upcoming Horror Short Story

I wanted to have the full outline of my book cover illustration for “Circa Sixty Years Dead” done knowing that I wasn’t going to get it painted by today. But an uncle of mine asked if I could help him clean out my grandfather’s house that he’s been renovating and, being family, I didn’t want to turn him down. I mostly cleaned out the house’s dungeon and took several things to Good Will which both put me back in the illustration a bit. The dungeon? Yeah, right! you say. Actually, it’s the nickname we give to the cellar, although sometimes I’ll call it the catacombs even though nobody’s buried down there (at least nobody we know of).

As you’ll see below, a little under half of the outline to the book cover illustration is done, but it won’t take me long to finish it and then start painting (with coloured pencil) by the end of the week. It's very light, so if you want you can look at the concept sketch to it. So I can’t say the whole thing will be completed by next weekend, but I’ll show you a photo of the progress that I will have made.

An incomplete sketch of a six arm feminine statue.
Photo and Art Credit: The blogger

Kim Stanley Robinson to Appear at Sacramento Author Festival

As I said last time,  Kim Stanley Robinson will be speaking in Sacramento at the Central Library in downtown tomorrow at noon and I’ll be attending. If you’re in the area, and you’re interested in hearing him speak about his new book, Green Earth (The Science in the Capital), you have to register ahead of time which you may still be able to do at the library’s website . If not, you can probably catch him at the Local Authors’ Festival there at the library which starts at 1. There will be authors from the Sacramento area of various genres, both fiction and non-fiction. You don’t have to register for the festival itself and it’s free like the talk before it. So check it out, and say hi if you see me there. If I don’t see you there then . . .

Until next time . . .

Here’s a set of music videos by a far out sci fi band from the 70s that I was listening to while working on my book cover art. They’re called the Rockets. They sound a lot like today’s electronica (though that term covers a very diverse area of music) and so can be said to be a band before their time, even though you’ll hear a lot of funkedelic elements in their music. You might want to check them out.

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