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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Authors At Pop Culture Expo

Last Saturday’s Toy Game and Pop Culture Expo held at Sacramento’s Great Escape Games wasn’t quite all fun and games. It was fun, games, books and their authors. Local authors Nicholas Grabowsky (who wrote the novel adaptation of Halloween IV) and Angelique Anderson (writer of YA sci fi and fantasy) were displaying their books for sale. I had a great time talking with both of them.

Nick talked about his plans to present at more cons after having taken a hiatus. I talked to him about my current projects: my most recently published ebook, “Circa Sixty Years Dead”, and the print and photo-real cover editions in progress. The great thing about talking with authors such as he and Angelique is that when you’re sliding down the hill, like I’ve been ever since I started my day job as library technician back in September, you get motivated and more focused on your own writing. That’s among other great things like the generous offers Nick gave me such as a free copy, signed by himself, of the comic book adaptation of his short story, “It Looks Like a Rat to Me,” adapted from his collection Red Wet Dirt. It’s a neat story of psychological and surreal terror, though the art work gets really graphic. It was a delight that Nick gave me that comic just for talking with him! Thanks again, Nick!

Speaking about “Circa” and hiatuses, I’m taking a small break from working on the print edition of my single short story book. Lately, I’ve come to believe that there is more of a demand for the photo-real cover illustration and so I decided to work with that first (as much as I hate photo realism on book covers).

Check back here for more on my and other authors’ work.

Until next time . . .  

A woman sitting at a pop culture convention table.
Friend Stephanie Rector, "Queen of Geeks", at her booth at the Toy, Game and Pop Culture Expo
Photo Credit: Steven Arellano Rose, Jr.


  1. That's awesome! I like going to cons and exploring all the different booths. Fellow authors are so wonderfully helpful. :)

  2. Definitely helpful. We can learn alot from our fellow artists which enhances our own art.