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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Charles Stross’s Article On Near-Future Science Fiction

Charles Stross just came out with a new novel titled Empire Games. Although I haven’t read it myself yet, (I’m just barely getting through his Atrocity Archives of his Laundry Files series) the way he explains it in his article at io9 makes the novel seem to do for global politics what many of Kim Stanley Robinson’s later novels have been doing for environmental issues: taking the realist approach. Because of this, it sounds like it’s a little more down to earth than his Laundry Files novels.

Stross explains in the article the difference between far-future science fiction and near-future science fiction using his novel as an example of the latter. He refers to far-future sci fi as mostly escapist fiction and near-future as more realistic. That may be so on a social level, but I’ve read a lot of far-future hard science fiction that gives the best of both worlds. If there’s ever a time we need the serious sci fi Stross talks about, it’s now in this dawn of an elitist presidency. Do you think such science fiction can help us through a difficult presidential administration?

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