Sunday, May 29, 2016

Science fiction History and Sci fi-Horror

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster.
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I said that I would talk about one of the other panels from last Sunday’s Intergalactic Expo. The panel was author J. Daniel Batt’s “The History of Science Fiction”. It was really neat and more informing than I thought it would be. Like the panel on steampunk that immediately followed, this one discussed the many definitions of science fiction which his own seemed to be a very broad but inclusive one. Also like with the steampunk panel, the root question that is at the bottom of all science fiction was brought up: “what if?” As in what if a certain scientific phenomenon was to occur that never has before, such as interdimensional space travel.

But another underlying element of the genre was also talked about: fear. And so J. discussed how fear of the unknown, such as unexplored reaches of space today and unexplored regions of our own earth centuries ago, has inspired storytelling. He said that because of this, science fiction and horror are not that different from each other. And so they can easily create a mixed genre of storytelling--sci fi-horror. Sci fi-horror continues to be a popular mixed genre today. I talk about this in detail in my article at that I published just a few minutes ago. Take a look at it and then answer this question either in the box below or in the box at the article’s site: Do you think there is less opportunity for the mixed genre of sci fi-horror or more opportunity for it as science fiction more quickly than ever becomes science fact?

Updates On My Short Fiction and New Blogs

I’m almost finished with the first level of colouring the cover illustration for “Circa Sixty Years Dead”. I’m anticipating a cover reveal for next week.

I’m also working on revisions based on critiques from my Tuesday night writers’ group for a new science fiction story. This one happens to be a sci fi-horror itself. I’ll have more details on it as I work more with it.

I’ve been planning the new Super Freek blog throughout the week, mostly a new description for it which will indicate focus on late 1960s and 1970s cult sci fi and fantasy films. Once I “relaunch” that blog, I’ll begin planning and work on the atompunk one. To stay up to date with these and my other projects, subscribe to the Far Out Fantastic Site using the form located at the bottom right.

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