Sunday, May 1, 2016

Progress Photo for 'Circa' Book Cover Illustration

A skull sits on two open books.
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Sorry about missing last weekend. I was sick (allergies) and so got behind in my projects. I’m still trying to catch up. My book cover illustration for “Circa Sixty Years Dead” is one of the projects I’m trying to catch up on. The outline is almost complete since I added some more basic details as you’ll see below. If you don’t remember my last progress photo of the book cover art, you can look at it at that week’s post and then come back here to see the comparison. So here’s what I’ve added so far (for a clearer view, click on the photo):

Rough sketch of a giant six-armed goddess statue looking down on man.
Photo Credit: The blogger
I drew in the blocks for the statue’s pedestal. I also fleshed out the man below, filled in the details for the camera he’s dropping and sketched in the dunes and some sand ripples. There will be more ripples and maybe some more, smaller, dunes when I colour-pencil in the picture. I use the scant details in the sketch only for a guide for when I colour in the picture and add the more precise details.

If you look closely, you’ll see a wavy line running across the base of the pedestal. This is the sand piling up against the surface. I haven’t erased that part of the pedestal that the sand accumulation is overlapping. This is only one of two things I have left to do for the outline. The other is erasing the notches that you might be able to see that were from measurements for the blocks. These measurements were a pain in the ass to make because I’m not an architect and was never good with numbers, but it was worth it; I got a proud feeling of accomplishment after making them and drawing in the blocks.

I hope to have the book cover illustration completed, including the colouring, by next weekend but can’t guarantee it. I have a mini comic con to go to then for Free Comic Book Day (it’s at Empire Comics Vault in Sacramento, if you’re in the area and interested). If I don’t have it done by then, I may have an article for you that I’m in the middle of revising. It’s about fiction authors writing for movies based on brand games and toys, a major trend in the past few years. Too major.

Let me know what you think of the sketch by leaving your comments in the box below.

Until next time . . .

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