Sunday, May 15, 2016

How Do You Motivate Yourself to Write On a Bad Day? Watch Author Interviews

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I almost didn't do a blog post today. It's been a rough couple of days. And I literally mean a couple of days. So that mean's it started yesterday--Friday the 13th! I'm not superstitious (in fact, 13 is one of my favourite numbers), but, believe it or not, it started with a broken mirror. However, I can't say whether the mirror broke yesterday or earlier in the week. It was the passenger side-view mirror to my car which I  hadn't been driving in all week until yesterday and so I didn't notice that it had fallen out of its frame until I started driving. But apparently it had fallen off and broke into about four or five pieces.

So I've been on a quest for a new mirror since yesterday and have been to three places. The first place didn't sell mirrors for Chevy Classics, the model of my car. The second place ordered the mirror and I picked it up today only to find out that it didn't fit the frame due to its shape. The O'Reilly counter clerk said it was the only mirror for that model of car they were able to order from their main Sacramento store. He suggested that I try the Auto Zone. I did that only to find out that not only did they have to order the mirror, which would take three days to arrive, but they charge 40 bucks for the glass alone (which is all I needed, was the glass). O'Reilly only charged $13 for the mirror.

I was so pissed that I was not in the mood to write. Then I remembered some YouTube videos of author interviews that I intended to watch this morning but didn't get a chance. Normally when I have writers' block or lack inspiration or motivation to write I'll either read an author's bio or interview or will watch a video of either and that motivates me again. This is especially the case if the author is one who I really like such as Neil Gaiman or Harlan Ellison.

While I was watching some of these videos earlier this evening, I saw a lot of links to full length ones and so ones that covered a half hour to an hour-and-a-half's worth of footage. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to watch the full length ones but will watch them eventually. There are full length interviews of and speeches by authors such as Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, Anne Rice, and Margaret Atwood. I included a speech here by Gaiman from a few years back when he attended a college graduation at the University of the Arts. This speech helped me continue pursuing writing for a living regardless of all odds. I thought I would include it here since this is graduation time for both secondary and post secondary schools. If you ever doubt you can make a living as a writer because of what mainstream, practical society says then I strongly suggest you watch this video. For those of you who may not be writers, I also suggest you watch it because it can help with just about any career you desire.

Book Cover Illustration

I just started the colouring for the cover illustration for "Circa Sixty Years Dead". I was slowed down a little because I realized that I needed to select a hue for it since that's what seems to be popular among horror fiction covers right now. The hue I selected is a combination of blue and black for a night setting in the scene. I'm going to try to have it done by next weekend. 

Let me know what you think of Gaiman's commencement speech in the box below.

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