Saturday, October 8, 2016

6 Far Out Phantastic Finds for Your Halloween Blog Reading

A Jack-o-Lantern

This is one of my favourite times of the year. A time when the darker weather comes (though it hasn’t come enough here in Sacramento yet), the days grow shorter, and a post-harvest haze permeates the air filtering out the sunlight by a few layers and giving off a burnt aroma. Darker days (literally darker, that is) call for darker stories and events that grow out of the horror genre. We like to take on the forms of our favourite creatures of darkness through costuming. Well, as much as I love the season of the witch, more commonly known as Halloween, I couldn’t come up with anything relevant to write about for this post. Yet it’s still early in the season but it will fly by faster than a witch on her broom or a vampire bat fleeing the oncoming dawn. So I dug up this list of six phantastic blog finds for your horror-reading zombie appetite. But there will be a special Halloween treat for you (and maybe even a trick) by the weekend of Halloween as there has been in past years here at the Fantastic Site. But for now, check out these groovy ghoulish links!

The HorrorWriters Association’s Halloween Haunts: This is a seasonal series of blog posts by some of the Association’s authors who give their personal takes on Halloween. 

Season of theWitch at Castle Macabre: This is author Michelle Miller’s seasonal blog read-along series. Her first read is Edgar Allen Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death”. 

“Poe Read-Along- The Mask of the Red Death”: She talks more about her Read-Along, Poe’s story of a demonic plague and even Poe himself here. She even has a small but interesting paragraph on the 1960s Vincent Price film adaptation and how you can watch it for free! 

“Witchy Peril-‘Masque’ and other Short Stories”, The Writerly Reader: This post by another author who visit’s Michelle’s above post also discusses here impression of “Masque of the Red Death”. She also goes over other short horror stories, including one by H.P. Lovecraft. 

“Salem’sLot Read-Along”, Gather Together Read: This blog is now reading one of Stephen King’s earliest novels. You may be able to catch up with them if you head on over now to find out where they’re at in this creepy read. 

Blaze McRob’s“Haunted Halloween Party”: Horror author Blaze McRob is producing a series of blog posts for the season where you can participate in contests to win prizes as well as discover horror fiction writers you may never heard of before. Even so, they have some really great stories up their sleeves.

Like I said, I’ll have my annual Halloween treat here for you by Halloween weekend, and maybe even a horror book review before that!

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