Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Reading: Free and Discounted Horror Books and a Review

Three jack-o-lanterns and a raven.

I said I would have some treats for you on this Halloween weekend and I’ve kept my word! Starting now and ending midnight October 31st (early November 1st ) you can purchase my collection of dark fiction, The Fool’s Illusion, at 50% off the list price. To do that just go to and use this code: 5HVKZ4DU. And if that’s not good enough, then starting Sunday and also ending at the stroke of the witching hour on Halloween, you can get a copy of my newest horror book, “Circa Sixty Years Dead”, for free! Just go to Amazon to claim it; no code needed. A print book of short horror and science fiction at half price and an ebook of a short but terrifying supernatural tale at no cost! Take advantage of this offer now because, as I said, they turn back into rotting Jack-o-Lanterns at midnight, Halloween (early morning November 1st).

And if my books of horror and dark storytelling aren’t good enough for your Halloween reading, check out my review of one that is, a book by author Mercedes Lackey--Jinx High. Lackey’s novel has everything you can ask for in a Halloween read: demons, spirits and witches. Michelle Miller gave me the pleasure to guest-blog this review at her Castle Macabre. Thank you again, Michelle! And may you and all you readers out there have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Take scare, everybody and until next time . . .

Woman wearing a painted Day of the Dead skull face.

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