Thursday, October 6, 2016

The New Book-to-TV Trend: 5 New TV series Based on Sci fi/Fantasy Novels

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Traditionally books have been adapted for the big screen but now the trend is in ones adapted for the small, including online television. This isn’t a new thing even for the science fiction and fantasy genres. It started as early as the Six Billion Dollar Man in the ‘70s, which was based on Martin Caidin’s novel, Cyborg. Several of Steven King’s novels were made into television series such as It (1990), and then George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones has been an HBO hit since its debut in 2011. But now that there are five novels by four different popular sci fi/fantasy authors that have either recently been adapted to television or are in the plans to be, a book-to-TV trend is definitely forming. Therefore you can expect to see more famous novels (and maybe even not so famous) turn into television shows in the near future. Here are the most recent upcoming five:

1) Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: Cable network Starz will be premiering this series based on Gaiman’s number-one-selling dark fantasy novel next year. Read the latest news on it here. Also, read about the new edition with the far out book cover art by Robert McGinnis!

2) Micheal Crichton’s Westworld: Although the movie came first, the book was written by its screen writer shortly after and who would later write his best-selling Jurassic Park and so that’s why I included it here. More than 40 years later, it just made its television series debut on HBO this past Sunday!

3) Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale: This totalitarian futuristic novel is currently in development for its Hulu adaptation. But one of Atwood’s other novels is also in the plans for a TV series and that one is . . .

4) The Heart Goes Last: It’s television rights was just recently acquired by MGM TV, distributor of The Handmaid’s Tale TV series. It is set in, what first seems to be, a utopian future that quickly goes dystopian.

5) Stephen King’s, The Dark Tower: Yes, the best-selling horror author is coming out with another TV series based on one of his novels (in this case, a series of them). It takes place in an apocalyptic future where magic seems to return to the earth in a second dark age. The series’ production plans have just been revealed and, according to Entertainment Weekly, filming will start in 2017 and is due to premiere in 2018. However, those who are impatient to see it need not feel so bad. The big screen adaptation is set to premiere this February! Read more about both and their latest news here.

In the past, movie adaptations have motivated viewers to read the books they originated from. (I myself just started reading Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend.) Hopefully, the book-to-TV series trend will do the same and help to continue resolving the literacy problem in our nation.

Do you think the new book-to-TV trend in sci fi/fantasy will encourage more viewers to read? Do you know of any other sci fi, fantasy or horror novels that have been or are in the plans for weekly television adaptation? Feel free to leave your answers in the box below.

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